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Lighting Isolator

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LID Data DC5V Lightning Isolator

Data DC5V Lightning Isolator

Key Features

•  Protect Data
•  Substantial savings on the cost of the cable itself
•  Please note that the earth is a Floating Earth - Patented Technology used together with this range of Lightning Isolator only, which should never be mixed with conventional grounding earth nor any other earth as mixing it would result in undesirable effects -  worst case nullifying the protection. 
•  The earth cables have to be properly connected to ensure maximum protection. Earth cables should be as short as possible. 
•  All green lines must go directly (not looped) through this ground reference at the power lightning isolator or earth buss where applicable.
Lightning Isolator Specification
Power Input Terminal
Protection 12VDC 1A
Power Output Terminal
Dimension (W x H x D) 48 x 27 x 19mm
Weight (g) 18g